7 Reason You Should Use Organic Beauty Products October 11 2014, 0 Comments


  1. .Organic products are better for your health. Remember that what starts out on the outside of the body works its way in. With that thought in mind, don’t put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t put in your mouth. Would you put mercury or other cancer causing chemicals in your mouth? No, then why put it on your delicate skin? The use of organic beauty products eliminates this worry. Say yes to nature and no to chemicals.

  2. Organic products work better than chemically packed products. Why? Because better ingredients mean better results. Think about it like your favorite dish, do you pack it full of fresh ingredients or do you use chemically enhanced box junk? Think about it. Organic products come from nature, they aren’t created in a lab. Your body will respond better to natural skincare than it will to synthetic creations. No matter if you are eating something or applying it to your skin, it impacts your health in similar ways.


  3. Organic beauty products will not pollute your bloodstream. A study conducted by the Mount Sinai School of Medicine found an average of 91 industrial compounds, chemicals, and pollutants in a study of volunteers. Many of these toxic ingredients are found in beauty products such as makeup, nail polish, and hair styling products.


  4. When you use regular beauty care products you are exposing your body to over 5,000 chemicals and up to 60% of those ingredients will absorb into your bloodstream, according to Pharmacopia. Avoid these disturbing ingredients by choosing organic products. Organic ingredients will only feed your body, not damage it.


  5. The use of regular beauty care products can cause a build up of toxic chemicals within your body. Exposure to these chemical can lead to health issues such as cancer, breathing trouble, and migraines. When you use organic products you can feel confident that your body will be nourished not depleted.


  6. When you use natural skincare products you reduce your bodies likelihood of suffering toxic chemical side effects such as:

                      a. dry, itchy, flakey skin

                      b. breathing impairments such as asthma and sinusities

                      c. hives and other skin rasher

                      d. excessive damage to your eyes, hair and skin

                      e. liver degeneration

                      f. decrease in lymphatic and immune system



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