Beauty Services

Facials Services:

   Lightening: If you have superficial pigmentation, sun/brown spots and uneven skin, the lactic/kojic solution will help to even out and lighten your skin.
   Signature Anti-Aging Vit C:
If you have Rosacea; are pregnant, dry or dehydrating; smoke, have dull/tired skin; or are post micro, this facial will rejuvenate, lift and tone your skin. The 30% Vit C/enzyme solution will make you feel and look great.
   Acne: This facial will help reduce teen to adult acne. The salicylic/glycolic resurfacing solution will reduce acne inflammation and excess oil.
  Back Facial: This facial will help to reduce back-acne and soften your skin by unclogging   your pores. You will feel confident enough to wear backless shirts and dresses.


Add on to a facial:
     Microdermabrasion: This procedure will help to minimize fine lines, shrink large pores, remove the dull and dead layer of skin, and increase collagen production.
     Microcurrent: Non-Surgical Facelift - tones, lifts, diminished appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It increases collagen and blood circulation.
     Collagen Face mask
     Collagen Eye mask
     Peels: Vit C, Gycolic, Lactic


Nail Services:    Manicure
    Bio Sculpture Gel manicure

    Deep tissue

Waxing Services:
    Brazilian               Arms            
    Back                     Bikini

    Eyebrows             Chest         
    Legs                      Lip   
    Stomach               Underarms

Tints services:

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