About Us

Allow me to introduce myself to you. My name is Ilona Landver and I am the owner and founder of Aeveka, naturally pure skincare line. Aeveka is based on healthy, natural and pure products. I have been in the beauty industry for over 10 years. I started out as a massage therapist, then got my esthetician license, followed by a nail technician license. I also have a few more licenses under my sleeve. I am a certified holistic health coach and a certified yoga instructor. I took everything I have learned, all my research & hard work and put it in to my main passion and focus, which is my Aeveka skincare line.

I had many inspirations in my life but I would say that my dear friend Eva Kovacs has affected me the most. The two of us went to esthetician school together. Her grace, poise and wisdom was incredible. She was older than me so I looked up to her a lot. She was always guiding and advising me. Unfortunately she recently passed away from cancer. She was definitely a big, positive influence in my life which is why my skincare line is dedicated to her and the name of the line is inspired by her nick-name.

I struggled with acne in my teenage years and had tried many different beauty lines. I would like one product from one line, another product from another line. But I couldn't find one natural and pure skin care product line from which I wanted to use ALL their products.

I always told myself that I would one day create an organic skincare line that is beneficial, natural and effective. At that time I also had no idea that parabens, phthalates and formaldehyde (just to name a few) are so bad for us and YES, unfortunately they can be found in most skincare lines on the market today, even the department store ones. Knowing what I know now about the harmful effects that cheap filler ingredients have on our bodies, helped me to start my own company, Aeveka, naturally pure.

I absolutely love what I do. I love helping people, talking one-on-one with them, finding out what they’re all about. Most of my clients have become my very good friends.

I'm proud of the fact that I have been working for myself for over 10 years and I’m now launching my very own amazing, natural skin care line “Aeveka!” This will be my greatest accomplishment!

My philosophy on life is simple: surround yourself with positive people. Because without positive & supportive influences, life is rather difficult. I wouldn't have been able to start this skincare line without the help of my best friends and family. They are an amazing support system.

I also believe in living life to the fullest. Witnessing what my dear friend Eva went through helped me to truly realize that you never know what the next day will bring. I was always so cautious in the past about starting my Aeveka skincare line and that’s why I didn't do it sooner. I had so many "What if" this and "What if" that type of questions. But if there is no risk, there is no reward, and I'm living proof of that!

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