To Shea or Not to Shea? June 01 2015, 0 Comments

Shea Butter is known as one of the strongest workers in the beauty industry, helping with anything from skin problems to dry hair and lips.

Starting off as an ivory colored fat that is extracted from the nut of the African Shea tree, this butter is an all-natural way to look your best.

Why should you choose Shea Butter?

In general, most seed oils can be divided into two categories saponifiabl and non-saponfiable.

The first group contains the most moisturizing properties that we need, while the other contains the healing properties.

While most similar oils have a healing property of less than 1%, though, Shea Butter’s properties for healing can be as high as 17%.

The many uses of shea butter: 

  • As an antioxidant: 
  • Among its other ingredients, Shea Butter contains catechins, which are known for protecting skin from the sun damage caused by UV rays. 
  • Many of its users also swear by Shea Butter as a natural sunscreen for this reason, and many consider this as the best skincare for both winter skin and after suncare during the summer. 

Healing agents:

  • Shea Butter is normally used as the base in medicinal ointments, as its vitamin A content promotes both healing and disinfecting
  • Vitamin F content acts as a rejuvenator for soothing and healing rough or chapped skin. 

Make your skin beautiful, no matter what:

  • In multiple studies, it has been shown that applying shea butter to skin restores some of its elasticity, and can also maintain an even skin tone. 
  • The abundance of vitamins and healing agents in Shea Butter have also been known for years to help fade stretch marks after pregnancy or rapid weight loss/gain. 

There are many ways that a small bit of shea butter can help your skin look its best. When combined with pharmaceutical grade CoQ10, as well as organic green tea, shea butter shines through to make Aeveka’s Regenerating Night Crème one of the best products you can have in your arsenal.

With Love,