Amazing benifits of Camomile Tea March 18 2015, 0 Comments


When many of us think of chamomile tea, they think of the tea bags that are possibly sitting in their cabinet right now. However, there are many other uses for those bags of chamomile tea- many that could give you an all natural alternative to many remedies that you currently use.

Chamomile tea has been used since the time of the Roman Empire, throughout the rule of the Egyptians and well into ancient Greece; mainly used as a salve for burns and wounds, it can also help with many other problems, such as acne and dandruff. 

Chamomile tea uses for skin:

  • Chamomile, both the tea and the oil, are well known for their healing properties, as well as their cleansing and moisturizing uses.
  • Chamomile can be used to speed the healing process of minor wounds, as well as disinfecting these wounds.
  • If you have spent too much time in the sun recently, then chamomile can also be steeped and tea bags applied to the skin to sooth the irritation that commonly comes from sunburns. 
  • Due to the multitude of antioxidants that are present in chamomile, it can fight both acne and keep breakouts to a minimum.
  • If used as a cream, it can also eliminate acne scars, giving you a fresh-faced look that many expensive creams would not be able to do. 

Are your eyes puffy? Do you have dark circles from late nights spent awake? Then use chamomile tea:

  • cooled down tea bags
  • placed under the eyes for a short time will reduce both the dark circles and take down the puffiness, giving you a wide-open look. 

Hair benefits when using chamomile:

Many of us struggle with our hair looking lank and dull; if you do, then don’t bother with expensive color rinses or harsh bleach that might damage your hair.

Use chamomile tea instead! When used as a rinse, chamomile tea can:

  • brighten up blonde hair that has lost its luster,
  • or, if you have dark hair, combine chamomile with henna in order to make natural highlights.
  • also it can be used as a gradual hair lightener, keeping your hair safe from harsh bleach. 

There are many great benefits to keep in mind when choosing to use chamomile tea. If you are looking for even more ways to incorporate chamomile tea into your regular beauty routine, you should try Aeveka’s Refreshing Citrus Cleanser, a great, moisturizing cleanser that is great for all skin types and will help you achieve the beautiful radiant skin that you have always wanted.