Orange: More Than Just Juice February 09 2015, 0 Comments

We all know that orange juice is great for your health: vitamin C can help your body absorb calcium, and can protect your body from multiple health problems. However, there are more benefits to oranges than just juice. Oranges can be great for your skin, making it look more healthy and dewy. The citric acid in oranges can kill bacteria on the skin, leaving it fresh and clean as well as protects your skin from free radicals, which alters your cell’s chemical structure. There are many other benefits of citric acid that you probably had no idea about. 

Moisturizes skin:

The citric acid in oranges is comprised of antioxidants, which, when present, speed up cell turnover, and removes dead skin cells. This process moisturizes your skin, explaining why there are many beauty products on the market using oranges and other citrus fruits.

Tones skin:

When cut with water and peppermint oil, citric acid - especially orange oils - can make the skin look refreshed and clear. Vitamin C also helps your skin look naturally radiant, leaving your skin looking clearer when used regularly.

Reduces signs of aging:

Vitamin C’s moisturizing qualities have been proven to reduce wrinkles, and even skin. Discoloration, sagging, and other signs of skin aging can all be reduced when adding citric acid into your beauty routine. 

Acne relief:

Due to one of the flavanones in oranges – hesperidin - being strong in anti-inflammatory properties, citric acid is a great way to relieve your skin of the pain of acne. Making ice cubes out of citrus fruits can both reduce the size of pores and occurrence of acne, as well as refreshing the skin.


There are many ways to include citric acid into your beauty routine, making your skin look more refreshed and beautiful. One of the best ways is by using Aeveka’s Refreshing Citrus Cleanser, containing both a fruit base as well as organic coconut oil to give your skin the best experience every time you cleanse.

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