Organic Coconut Oil and Your Skin October 27 2014, 0 Comments

Coconuts, they aren’t just for piña colada anymore. 


What makes Organic Coconut Oil so good for your skin?


Capirc, Caprylic, Lauric Acid - These three fatty acids found in coconut oil are the perfect trio for your skin as they all serve as disinfectants and anti-microbrials. The use of it helps to keep your pores clear of build-ups. 

Proteins- These little super heroes work to enhance cellular healthy and tissue repair. When skin cells can regenerate properly, it shows through with beautiful vibrant skin. 

Vitamin E - We all want to get rid of wrinkles and so does Vitamin E. Vitamin serves as an all natural anti-aging ingredient. The use of vitamin E on the skin helps reduce the impact of fine likes and wrinkles. It also helps contribute to healthy skin growth, skin repair, and keeps your skin smooth and beautiful. 

Saturated Fats - When used on the skin this chain of fatty acids helps to keep your skin feeling smooth and moisturized. They also help to decrease moisture loss form your pores. Properly moisturized skin is beautiful skin. 


Citrus and Coconut the perfect organic skincare combination.


Refreshing Citrus Cleanser by Aeveka offers the very best in organic face care.  This antioxidant rich natural face wash provides a foaming cleanse that penetrates deep into pores, eliminating impurities. The organic coconut oil works as a natural moisturizer leaving your skin feeling soft and luxurious. 


5 reasons why you need the Refreshing Citrus Cleanser.

  1. This pure skincare product contains organic raw turbinado sugar which is a natural glycolic that removes dead skin cells to reveal youthful glowing skin.  
  2. Organic jojoba oil, an all natural organic ingredient, reduces swelling and redness that often comes with acne prone skin. 
  3. This product is animal cruelty free and 100% safe for the environment. Aeveka believes in taking care of you and the world around you.
  4. Aeveka believes you deserve the best in skincare, which is why all of their natural skin care products are organic. This is truly Paraben-free skincare. 
  5. Moisture: your skin needs it: all natural moisture is provided from the organic coconut oil in Aeveka’s citrus cleanser.

When is comes to feeding your skin, Aeveka is the most nutrient rich organic skincare line that features all-natural ingredients. Don’t trust your skin to anyone, trust it with the very best in skincare.