Restorative Enzyme Treatment 1.4oz


Through removing dead skin cells and stimulating collagen production, our Restorative Enzyme Treatment leaves skin looking and feeling plumped, smooth, and oh-so fresh and clean!

The secret lies in the blend of Citrus Essential Oils and Grapeseed Oil that work overtime to even out texture, treat acne, and banish inflammation for noticeably softer skin. In addition to this, antioxidant rich Organic Fresh Blueberries repair damage on a cellular level while Organic Olive Oil goes to work reducing fine lines and wrinkles as well as sun damage.

Skin further benefits from healthy serving of Organic Sunflower Oil which contains vitamins A, C, and E, all of which diminish redness and inflammation, as well as treat acne and eczema.

The ultimate treatment for combatting any wide variety of skin concerns, our Restorative Enzyme Treatment packs a powerful punch that manages to be surprisingly gentle, moisturizing, and soothing.

Best for: All skin types.

Key Ingredients:
  • Organic Fresh Blueberry Puree
  • Organic Blueberry Juice
  • Organic Grapeseed Oil
  • Organic Aloe Vera
  • Organic Sunflower Oil
  • Organic Shea Butter
  • Organic Blend of Citrus Essential Oils
  • Organic Chamomile Extract
  • Organic Green Tea

How to use:

     Apply a thin layer to entire face using fingertips. Wait 2-5 minutes, not exceeding more than 5 minutes. Remove with cool water. Use once a week after the Refreshing Citrus Cleanser. NOTE: Do not use it together with the Repairing Micro Scrub, use them on separate occasions.

***Disclaimer***: Use of this product may cause slight redness and tingling of the skin.
This just means that it’s working and this reaction is normal due to the active pure fruit enzymes.
Apply cold compress or splash cold water on your face if redness appears. Redness will clear in less than 30 min.






No Animal Testing


Paraben free

Sulfate free

Formaldehyde free


Made in USA



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